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Take your camping game to new heights with the easy to use Optimus Terra Lightweight Kettle. These Cups & Mugs from the innovators at Optimus feature high-quality aluminum construction that better conducts heat for a more even cooking temperature. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use the Optimus Terra Cookset Kettle can go with you just about anywhere you want to cook. Durable and portable these cooking vessels are rugged enough for the trail and perfect for cooking up a storm. Nest the Optimus Terra Aluminum Kettle into complimentary cooksets for the ultimate in storage.


Specifications for Optimus Terra Kettle:

Weight:5.4 oz
Capacity:23.6 fl. oz / 0.7 L
Fabric/Material:Hard-anodized aluminium
Age Group:Adults


Features of Optimus Terra Lightweight Kettle, 1BT-MU-8016292

  • Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durability
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Designed to fit inside Optimus Terra cookset


Package Contents:

  • Optimus Terra Kettle, 1BT-MU-8016292
  • 1.75 L heat exchange pot with non-stick coating
  • measurements (ml and oz)
  • see through lid that can also be used as a strainer
  • mesh bag

Optimus Terra Kettle

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