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The 3 Piece Set promises a precise cut, a unique aesthetic and a sharp edge thanks to Benchmade's proprietary SelectEdge® technology. Complete with a Chef Knife for thin slices of vegetables, a Utility Knife with a shorter blade and small tip for trimming, and a Paring Knife used for cutting and peeling fruits and veggies, and trimming excess fat with ease.

Chef Knife
Blade Length: 8.04" / 20.42cm
Blade Thickness: .114" \ 2.896mm
Open: 13.02" \ 33.07cm
Weight: 7.37oz \ 99.79g
Handle Thickness: .61" \ 15.44mm

Utility Knife
Blade Length: 6.16" / 15.65cm
Blade Thickness: .114" \ 2.896mm
Open: 10.63" \ 27.00cm
Weight: 4.72oz \ 131.81g
Handle Thickness: .61" \ 15.44mm

Paring Knife
Blade Length: 4.30" / 10.92cm
Blade Thickness: .090" \ 2.896mm
Open: 8.78" \ 22.30cm
Weight: 3.52oz \ 208.94g
Handle Thickness: .58" \ 14.83mm

Benchmade 3pc Maple Cutlery Set

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