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Engineered and then meticulously crafted with proprietary SelectEdge® technology, the Benchmade® 3-Piece G10 Cutlery Set features an 8" chef knife, 6" utility knife, and a 4" paring knife made with CPM-154 wear-resistant stainless steel. These fixed-blade knives boast a 58-61 HRC rating, which means these high-quality, wear-resistant blades will stay razor sharp for a much longer time than regular knives. They also feature a protective, black DLC finish for extra corrosion resistance. For handles, these Benchmade kitchen knives feature G10 construction, which is nearly unbreakable, so you know these knives will last for a lifetime. The chef knife excels at thinly slicing vegetables. The paring knife, with its shorter blade and smaller tip, is perfect for trimming. And the paring knife is perfect for peeling fruit and trimming excess fat from your meats. The chef knife has a blade length of 8.04", an overall length of 13.02", and a 7.37-oz. weight. The utility knife has a blade length of 6.16", an overall length of 10.63", and a 4.72-oz. weight. The paring knife has a blade length of 4.3", an overall length of 8.78", and a 3.52-oz. weight.

  • Premium 3-knife kitchen set will last a lifetime!
  • SelectEdge technology ensures a razor-sharp edge for much longer
  • Made with CPM-154 wear-resistant stainless steel
  • DLC finish adds extra corrosion resistance
  • G10 handles are nearly indestructible

Benchmade 3pc G10 Cutlery Set

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