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Upgrade your next outing with this convenient portable refrigerator. Temperature settings go as low as -4° F, so you can use it as a fridge or freezer. It also has 53 L of space and can fit up to 75 twelve-ounce cans. Pair it with your Yeti power station to keep perishables cold for days. And since the Alta fridges offer class-leading power efficiency, your Yeti can easily keep them running as long as you need.



  • LEADING ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Our Alta fridges use an LG compressor and are the most power-efficient portable fridges on the market. They also use eco-friendly refrigerant (R600a) and require impressively low power draw to keep your food at the desired temperature.
  • FRIDGE OR FREEZER: This portable fridge can efficiently cool down to -4°F so you can use it as a fridge or a freezer. Use it as an RV refrigerator for longer outings or as a camping fridge for weekend getaways



Alta Fridges can run for hours, or even days, depending on which power station you use. Alta 50 can also be plugged into a standard AC wall outlet.

  • Yeti 300: 1+ days
  • Yeti 500: 2+ days
  • Yeti 700: 3+ days
  • Yeti PRO 4000: 16+ days



  • Insulated Cover: Your portable refrigerator comes with an insulated cover that increases its efficiency and protects it from scratches and dings. It also includes pockets for extra storage.
  • Easy Integration: Our fridges are app-enabled so it's easy to set and check the temperature at any time — even if the fridge is buried underneath all the other camping gear in your trunk.
  • Cool and Convenient
    A portable fridge keeps food colder for longer than a traditional cooler. Plus, you don't need ice, so it's less messy and leaves you more space to pack your favorite treats.


Using the Alta 50....

Pre-cool the Alta fridge before packing it. Plug it into a wall outlet and set your desired temperature. Keep your fridge running for an unlimited amount of time by adding a solar panel to your setup. This keeps your power station charged off-grid so it can run your fridge indefinitely. Load the Alta into your vehicle before loading food and beverages to make lifting easier. You can power the fridge by plugging it into a wall outlet, your Yeti power station, or a vehicle's 12V cig port.

Goal Zero Alta 50 Portable refrigerator Freezer

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