Nemo Hornet 2 person tent

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If you’re looking for the master of ultralight tents, look no further. The Hornet offers the ultimate in livability and comfort. The 2-Person has two doors and two vestibules for two pounds, and the 1-Person weighs in at an ethereal 27 ounces.

The single pole construction allows for lightning quick setup, free-standing support, and minimal pole weight. Triangulated volumizing guy-outs increase interior space up to 15%, making your home on the trail even more livable. Hornet’s smart design and fabric set make it the ultimate ultralight experience.

  • Hornet is the only free-standing tent in the sub-2lb category with two doors and two vestibules.

  • Large doors and vestibules provide more coverage in the rain.

  • Unique Divvy™ dual stage stuff sackmakes it easy to divide the load with a partner.

  • Light Pockets™ turn your headlamp into a tent lantern, providing a pleasant, even glow through light-diffusing fabric.

  • True tub floor construction reduces seam construction and seam tape, increasing the longevity of the tent.

  • Inner tent has a built-in privacy panel for extended coverage and security.

  • Hubbed pole intersections create a single pole for quick setup and minimize pole weight.

  • Triangulated volumizing guy-outsincrease interior space by up to 15% using included volumizing clips

What's Included:
  • Stakes

  • Guy-out cord

  • Repair kit

  • Divvy Sack



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