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Meet the Team

Jim Hornibrook

Jim has been working at RTP since 1989…when dinosaurs held dominion over the earth and glaciers were still busy carving Yosemite Valley. While experts dispute the veracity of these claims, all agree it’s a long tenure.  

Jim is currently a buyer and manager at RTP.  He likes nothing more than buying $30,000 of outdoor clothing.  He claims it’s “very therapeutic.”

When not working at RTP, one is most likely to find him hanging from El Cap or Half Dome in Yosemite.  “Live to climb. Climb to live” is Jim’s motto. Well, he doesn’t actually have a motto, but if he did, we’re certain that would be it.

Jim was born and raised in Redwood City, going to Sequoia High as well as Canada College.  He earned a master's degree in music theory, which really isn’t very useful as a buyer at an outdoor specialty shop.  However, if you ever find yourself wondering what the key signature is for f# minor, give him a call and he’ll let you know.

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Steve Prendergast

Steve is a buyer and manger at Redwood Trading Post, and has been with the company since April 1994. In addition to his role as a manager/buyer, Steve is frequently called upon as "that guy" who can do things like fix the internet connection, make the printer print, build shelving, and assemble display racks. He can also magically repair many non-functioning flashlights and lanterns.

Steve enjoys spending time with his two sons, and is an avid hiker, backpacker, cyclist, and shooting sports enthusiast, as well as our resident knife guru. Steve was born and raised in San Mateo.

Alex Naeve

Alex began working at the Redwood Trading Post as a sales associate in September 2000, her junior year of high school. She stayed with the company from 2000 until 2008, when college graduation prompted her to pursue employment in the professional world. After being laid off from her "career job" in 2012, Alex happily returned to RTP part-time. Alex completed her master's degree in communication studies at San Jose State in May 2018, and recently began working as an adjunct instructor at the College of San Mateo, in addition to maintaining RTP's website and teaching horseback riding at Webb Ranch in Portola Valley.

Alex grew up in the Woodside Glens, attended Woodside High School and Canada College, and has lived in Redwood City for over fifteen years. Somehow, Alex finds time to enjoy the amazing local hiking trails, and enjoys hanging out with her dog, Riley.  

Bios coming soon:

Jessica Weber

Annie Szeto

Michael Thompson

Rick Beaman 

Jonathan McGuigan

Tom Venolia

Shad Fidel

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