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The Kuhl Women's Splash Roll-Up Pant is lightweight with a soft, cottony feel, and just enough spandex in the weave to keep you moving freely on the trail. When you start to warm up, snap tabs on the lower leg let you roll up the cuffs and secure them. These tabs also come in handy if you come across a mountainside stream you simply have to dip your feet into. And, should you slip on a mossy rock and get a little wetter than anticipated, the Splash pant dries faster than cotton, so by the time you get back to down you'll be dry and ready to grab a quick dinner with friends.

  • Stretch fabric promotes mobility on the trail

  • Snap tabs on cuffs secures hem during creek crossings

  • Large cargo pockets for stashing trail snacks and sunscreen

  • UPF 50 keeps legs protected from the sun

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