Blubandoo Water Activated Evaporative Neckbandoo Cool Tie With Cooling Crystals

neckbandoo 1
neckbandoo 2

It has a tie closure that can be worn tied around the neck or head. Blubandooï¾® makes their cooling band narrow so it's just the right size and lightweight but still effective. All seams are turned and hidden and finished tie ends at an attractive angle for a quality look.

All Blubandoo cooling headwear contains exclusive high performance non-toxic polymer cooling crystals made to Blubandooï¾®'s specifications for this exact application. These cooling crystals evolve into a gel when immersed in water. Within minutes your Neckbandoo will completely dry to the touch yet the active gel will remain hydrated and cool to the wearer due to evaporation for several days before slowly returning to its original crystal state. No refrigeration is necessary and all high quality Blubandooï¾®'s products are reusable and hand-washable time and again.

Please note:ï¾ high humidity can affect the cooling effects of evaporative cooling products.