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Redwood Trading Post Rewards Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Redwood Trading Post (RTP) Rewards Program?
    It is a customer loyalty program that earns you 5% on your purchases redeemable annually toward merchandise.

Does it cost anything to become an RTP Rewards member?
    No. There is absolutely no cost to become a member. It is our way of rewarding our customers for shopping at RTP.

How do I become a member?
    It's simple. Just fill out a card with your name & address and give it to any RTP staff member.

Do I need a key tag to become an RTP Rewards member?
    No, but it makes it easier & faster for our cashiers to identify you as a Rewards member.

Why do you need my address?
    On a yearly basis we will notify you of when your RTP Rewards credit is available. We also may send two or three mailers with special offers for RTP Rewards members only.

Will you share my personal information?
    Absolutely not! We never sell or give away information to any company or person.

Do I need to renew my membership?
    No, as long as your account remains active and your address is deliverable. After one full year without activity we reserve the right to inactivate your account.

Can a family member or friend use my key tag to make RTP purchases?
    Yes, any purchases will be credited to your account as long as it is presented to the cashier during the transaction.

How much will I earn on purchases?
    You get 5% back on every item purchased. Sales tax & gift cards are not included.

Is a minimum purchase required to earn credit?
    The only requirement to get an annual merchandise credit is to purchase at least $100 in product during the calendar year.

When will my RTP Rewards credit expire?
    You can use your RTP Rewards credit for 6 months from issue date.

How do I know how much I have earned?